Monday, July 27, 2009

No shortage of veggie eating here!

There is strong motivation to eat lots of veggies in my life now! We keep getting bags of zucchini from the neighbors so I've been eating zucchini in bread for breakfast, zucchini every lunch and lots of other veggies! I am hoping that translates into some weight loss along with the exercise (3 days in a row now!) I've been doing!

I really like exercise in general but its always harder when I am starting out with extra weight and it doesn't feel good. But you gotta love those endorphins when you finally start working out.

I was telling my dad that the best I ever felt while exercising was right before i met Daniel-I was running 50 minutes a day and it felt awesome! I want to get there again someday. But the best kind of exercise EVER?!?! Ultimate frisbee!! Someday I'll find a team to play with again;)


maygan said...

I love zucchini, what fun to be getting so much from your neighbor!

The Keevy Family said...

Good for you!

If you have any good tips for starting to run, or even jog I would love to hear your advice! I jog a bit here and there, but really just to keep my heart rate up, and even with the jogger stroller it feels weird. Maybe it will be better when I can go and swing my arms a bit! :)

And Zucchini? How wonderful!