Sunday, July 12, 2009

Menu Plan for the week of 7/13/09

This is my favorite time of day-right after putting M down for bed. This and from 11-1 in the afternoon-M's nap time! I sometimes get to take a nap with O at that time, depending on her level of cooperation with actually falling asleep and staying asleep! So...I get to spend a rare few minutes on the computer now! That is until O starts fussing which should happen soon:) So here's what's on the menu this week, which will be a heavy planned leftovers week so that Daniel will have food next week when I am away from him once again;(

This menu plan is interrupted by the nasty flu-and my inability to keep anything down all night long last night.

So Monday's dinner will be only for the toddler-probably Mac N Cheese instead:)

Monday: Italian Scrambled Eggs or another dish that uses lots of eggs, salad

Tuesday: BBQ chicken and sweet potatoes (on the menu for three weeks now!)

Wednesday: Hamburger Tator Tot Casserole-to use up some stuff

Thursday: Probably monday's egg dish

Friday: Teriyaki Chicken or the like with Brown rice and broccoli

After that I will be moving back with my parents again for a week or so until the floors and bathroom are done and our water/power is on in the new house. The rest of the work will be done while living there-fun times;)

So...back to the flu of death again. Going to lay down with baby O, drink apple juice with lots of ice and wait to die. Just joking:)

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Auntie Gin said...

Ouch! Flu while taking care of babies is no fun. I remember a few episodes of that sort, way back when. So you are back to the parent's next week - you're logging as much driving-over-the-mountains time as I did these last few months. Well, rest and take care of yourself and feel better!