Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm crazy box-head...gimme some candy!

I had to laugh when my daughter was running around the house with a box on her head. Memories of college in a tiny all-girls dorm with my very mature girlfriends (lots of sarcasm here) running around singing into hairbrushes, talking in weird voices and lots of giggling about anything and everything (especially boys!) abound. One in particular was putting anything over our heads and running up to eachother's doors and yelling "I'm crazy ______-head! Gimme some candy! I have no earthly idea why we thought it was so funny (maybe an SNL skit that I never saw?!?) but at the time it sure was. So thank you daughter for bringing me back to my younger, dorkier days once again:).

M is by far a much cuter "box-head" than I was in my college days!

And like Crystal mentions, kids are far better off with less toys and more creativity as evidenced here!

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