Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tis almost summer, let's talk about veggies!

Okay, its not really almost summer. I think spring started like last week:)

But here in my neck of NC, we've had some good stretches of 80-90 degree weather, so I kind of like to think I am going to have one really really long summer this year:)

So veggies. I've been drinking lots of green smoothies. Have you? What do you think about them if you've tried them (or haven't!)? I think they start to grow on you even if you don't love them at first. That's been the case with me. Being the still-nursing mom of a hungry 10 month old I am, I get hungry every 2-3 hours. The green smoothie is a perfect solution for my mid-morning munchies (say that 5 times fast!). Plus its a better option than more coffee & carbs:).

Here's what I am really excited about: farmers markets and CSAs. I love farmer's markets and have for a long time (but not always the I am the only one that has over-priced markets in my area?). But this will be the first summer that I've been a part of a CSA! My parents are going in half-sies with a friend (and we'll be living with them part of the time as we finish our partnership development and support raising).

Have any of you been a part of a CSA? If so what did you think? Worth the cost?


D said...

I know nothing about CSA, but your picture made me drool!

Glory said...

Rachael, you introduced us to green smoothies a year or two ago and we have enjoyed them ever since. At first I had to think hard to decide what to put in, but it is no trouble at all now and we enjoy them frequently. Thank you.

Rachael said...

D: its actually a picture my mom took in her kitchen! She has lovely light in there (and yummy food in the summer too:)

Glory: I am glad to hear it! We'll have to share some recipes and try some new combos when we visit in June!