Friday, April 9, 2010

My little snuggle-bug

Liv is waaaayyy more of a mama's girl than M ever was. All this time I thought we were just awesome at instilling an independent and flexible spirit in our child (because M always loved going to church nursery etc. and didn't cry when we left) but lo and behold that's just her personality! Needless to say, Liv does cry, and does not like to go anywhere w/o her mama:) But we do it anyway because its good for her AND us.

She is getting her first tooth and is cruising on furniture. She wants to play with anything her sister does (especially when her sister has it!) but the feeling is mutual. Oh and especially big sis' potty chair. We've had a few hand in the pee-pee incidents...oh my.

Her first word has been uh-oh, for the last few months. Finally she's added one more.."hi"! She now practices when she sees strangers here at the JAARS campus or at the grocery store. Its pretty adorable:) She's 10 1/2 months old now by the way.

The big sleep-drool pictured here. And yes, our babies sleep on their tummies after a few then the swaddling just made them both angry! ;)

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The Frey Family said...

Aaralynn has that blanket and Adah has that sheep- funny. She's a cute little girl.