Saturday, March 29, 2008

Off to youth camp!

Today at 11:00 we are going to the Jungle! Well, not exactly, but that is the theme of our church's youth camp...Jungle Safari! Hubby and Punker and I are all going to be in the jungle for 4 days with all the wild youth animals, so it should be fun times. Here are a few blurry pics from our now replaced camera for your viewing pleasure. Oh and Punker-nootie just cut her first 2 teeth...bottom front! I am bracing myself for my first bite;) All that to say, I will not be posting again until Wednesday, so come back for lots of camp pics and other fun then.


Anonymous said...

Hi there-congrats on your baby's 1st two teeth!! Watch out for that first bite-it sure surprises ya! I am still nursing Adrian (he is getting his 3rd tooth right now) and the 1st time he bit me with his two botto front teeth it hurt! But after a couple little no's he learned and we haven't had a problem since! Good luck!!

Rachael said...

Hi Chelsea! I am so not looking forward to that first bite...I know its coming soon! That is cool that you are still nursing Adrian! How long do you think you will nurse...I am wondering if I will do it longer than a year (if she doesn't self-wean) or if that is getting a little weird. I don't know.

Anonymous said...

You know-at first I thought I would stop the day he turns 1. But as that is coming so soon (June 20th) I am having second thoughts. I never realized just how much I love the experience that just him and I share until a couple months ago he went on a nursing strike for a day-I was miserable I missed it so much! So I for sure am going to nurse until he is a year-maybe a little longer if he will-his pediatrician thinks it's a great idea to keep going. I may just do night nursing after a year and give him whole milk during the day.