Thursday, March 13, 2008

Could it be true? Free Starbucks this weekend?!!?

Another blogger mentioned free coffee at Starbucks may be happening this weekend (March 15th), because its happened in the past. Call before you go, since the link I posted earlier was for last year's promo. Just like I loves me some soda, I LOVE coffee (although my passion is much more for fancy latte's and I indulge less than once a month).

They did it the last two years...will they do it again?!? Since we live within the beautiful Northwest, home of the great coffee giant, I will definitely check this out! If this doesn't happen, my favorite at home brew is plain espresso with steamed milk AND whip cream with caramel or chocolate drizzled on top! Not so much a diet friendly drink;)

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Edited to add: some of you have pointed out what I mentioned above--this has happened in years past, and will possibly happen this year. I will (and so should you!) call the 'bucks before heading in expecting a free drink. I do know that they have done this in the past, that part is NOT a hoax...I know because I have gotten free coffee;)


CC said...

Oh yeah! I've already got it bookmarked so I remember to go!

Christie said...

Oh wow, wouldn't this be wonderful?!! I LOVE starbucks!

Kate said...

Thanks for the tip. We'll definitely have to remember this!