Friday, August 7, 2009

In our new house!

My absence has been due to a happy thing...we finally moved into our new house! Its so cute! Daniel has done a great job. The bathroom is operational, the floors and walls are beautiful and a ton of other things are looking great. We bought a clothes dryer, a built-in microwave and some bathroom accessories at Habitat for Humanity yesterday so things are moving quickly towards a "finished" product. The kitchen is probably the least done part of the house-the only thing in there is a fridge (along with the floors and walls and lights) but with a crockpot and now a grill and some burners from friends we have all we need to cook for awhile until we decide on countertops and re-install the old cabinets.

Its been a little challenging figuring out sleeping arrangements (no doors on any rooms except the bathroom right now) but we're making it work. We bought a fan at a thrift shop and are trying to teach the girls to sleep in the same room (the living room last night). Its gone suprisingly well-I've only had to get up with the girl(s) once each night. So that's why I've been gone. We have internet at the house now so I will be here regularly again soon:)


The Keevy Family said...

Hip Hip Hooray!!!

Is your tooth feeling better too?


Lisa said...

How exciting, I hope you post some pictures so we can see all the hard work that has been done!