Sunday, August 16, 2009

Late Saturday Night Shopping trip madness!

Being down to just one diaper is a dangerous situation! That's the beauty of cloth diapers-I really can't wait to start them again but its not an option right now:)

Anyway, that was me last night so I did something I never do-shopped at night. I am NOT a night person. I turn into a moldy pumpkin around 9pm, so it was a stretch for me to even think about using my brain for deal-hunting at that hour. diapers and an expiring deal on diapers at Freddies gave me the motivation I needed. I put both girls to bed while daniel worked on our kitchen cabinet situation and he agreed to keep an eye on them while I shopped.

I went to Fred Meyer and Albies and spent $9.07 oop after coupons, sales, and catalinas. Even my night-hater self was energized by such great deals!

Fred Meyer:
Rice Krispies (free after Vocal point coupon)
bananas(use $1 off fruit when you buy rice krispies coupon)
activia w/fiber ($0.88 after coupon)
cinnabon bars ($0.99 after coupon)
Kroger diapers $3.99 after sales and coupon!
$8.57 total

12 kraft naturals cheeses for 3/$5 (used $1/2 coupons for each)
1 Crackerful for $2.50 used $1/1
4 Velveeta cups use 2 BOGO
4 Post Select cereals (sale for $1.50 when you buy 4) used 2 $1/2

Total $21.50- I paid w/ $21 in previous catalinas $o.50 oop. I got $9 back which I will use to buy more Kraft stuff today! Plus there are doubles today so I can use those as well-I am planning to buy more crackers, some cheese and coffee, all things we use all the time:)

Good thing I had all that deal-seeking energy because daniel wanted my help with the kitchen cabinet placement until 11pm last night! ;)


Heather said...

I am just loving this Kraft deal. What do you do with all the cheese? Does it freeze well?

Rachael said...

The cheese freezes, but not perfectly so I always get the shredded kind for freezing. Plus we eat cheese several times a week (crockpot mac n cheese is good!). I'll be doing more "no meat" meals for a couple weeks and using the cheese as the protein. They have the 2% milk kind so its a little lower in fat too:)