Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Routine? Where's my routine gone now...

In the perfect world I imagined, I would be settling into a nice new routine our our new house about now (1 week after moving in). I'm not complaining, but the lack of any sort of cabinet or closet (as of now) has made the whole getting organized process a wee bit tricky. So I am trying to strike a balance between a routine and organization in my here and now and saving my sanity. It has been a huge blessing to have my sis-in-law's help this past week. Starting tomorrow afternoon I go it alone all day, so it should be interesting! The suprising blessing has been that O has slept several nights all through the night. The girls are sleeping in side by side pack n plays in the living room so I was expecting some wild nights. Aside from lots of toddler nightmares, sleeping has been going better than expected (I expected the worst:).

One cool thing has been that between a stocked freezer, a bunch of food my friend has given us, zucchini from my parents and a bunch of non-perishables I packed before our move we've hardly had to buy anything. I have been doing a pantry-challenge of sorts this month and it looks like I can go through most of the month without buying more than a few dollars worth of dairy, produce and maybe a little meat towards the end of the month. That's a huge praise because in addition to the crown I will be getting, I also may need a root canal on the same tooth $$$! You'd think I never brush my teeth and eat candy all day for all the dental work I am getting:)

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