Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mt. Pilchuck Part 2 and Happy Birthday Daniel!

I think Daniel is getting paranoid about getting old since I tease him about his hair thinning out on top quite a bit. Really I have no room to talk since I have 50%+ grey hair in some places, but hey you gotta tease the spouse a little, right!? ;)

Anyway, today is the big TWO-EIGHT and we are both now closer to 30 than ever before. Fun times. Happy Birthday Honey!!

We're going to Red Robin for his free bday burger and then heading to Bainbridge Island to look at a used stove for our in-process kitchen. We've been given 2 free stoves from wonderful church friends but both of them have had unexpected issues (to them as well-they didn't know about the issues either) so they haven't worked out. Anyway, rambling on-here are the rest of the Mt. Pilchuck pics from last weekend.

If only I did this hike every weekend-I would be so in shape! ;)

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Leah S. said...

I know what you mean! We did Mt. Si on the 4th of July and it kicked my butt. I thought the same thing...if I could do this once a week I would be a body builder by now ;)