Saturday, May 10, 2008

Albertson's and Safeway deals this week

Albertson's total $7.75
4 packages Live Active Cheese (mark-down, plus 3 $1 off coupons, plus $3 off Kraft)
1 package coffeemate creamer (free with coupon I got in the mail)
1 package Yoplait kids yogurt (free with coupon from the mail)
2 packages Hershey's bliss dark chocolate (2/$5 plus BOGO coupon)

* I was all excited to do the "cereal/granola bar" deal (which works out to $1 each after you buy 10) but they were out of ALL participating cereals! There was a sign that said they would restock today, so I am hoping to still get some good deals (mostly on granola bars which I have coupons for!)

Safeway's total $5.--
12 Hallmark cards
2 packages Dasani water bottles
2 packs diet coke
2 powerbars
* I had $6.50 in "on your next order" catalinas for this order, but that only went toward the cards. The diet coke and water were free! I also got a $5.00 off your next order catalina back and one for $1.25 off X?# of powerbars next time.


CC said...

I wish I had figured out that Diet Coke deal! Is it still going on or was it the previous week? I'm not seeing it on your list of Safeway deals.

I had to go to 3 Walgreens to get the toothpaste (14 of the toothpastes my husband and I stood outside of a closed Walgreens on Sunday AM and waited until they opened the door and ran inside to grab them all!!)

Rachael said...

Hi CC--the diet coke deal is a part of the Hallmark deal (buy 3 cards, get coke or water free), but if you find the coupon in the ad, you can get free votives too! I talked about it a little in the Safeway deals post for this week. And yes...its still going on! You don't need a coupon for the free diet coke (one 12 pack) by the way, just use your club card!)