Friday, May 2, 2008

NTMA Evaluation: Fun day out with the girls and finished projects!

Because of a slight brain malfunction on my part, I didn't bring my camera on our girls only outing yesterday. Even so, we had such a good time! 10 of us ladies from NTMA (evaluees, ladies who are only weeks away from their overseas assignment, or those who are here in AZ to stay) went to Bisbee, AZ, a quaint little "hippee" town with a great coffee shop to tour the shops and have delicious coffee. Another girl and I spent most of the time in the car changing and nursing our babies, but it was still fun! Funny things that stood out to me on the way to Bisbee: 1) we are in the middle of nowhere. Seriously...just miles and miles of desert like fields. 2) lots and lots of border patrol. The Mexico border is just miles away, so apparently there are lots of illegal immigrants around these parts. 3) the copper mines. A huge canyon that used to be a thriving copper mine in its day. A cool tour I'm told, but I probably won't ever see it because I have a mild clausterphobia(sp?).

After that all the girls, plus a few more went to another nearby town, which is a lot bigger...there's even a WalMart:) There we dined at El Chef, where a large plate of good food was $5.00! The 12 ladies had 4 babies, and 3 on the way between us! Another 6 or so small kiddos were back at home with the daddies or with a friend. We sat at a table next to 6 border patrol, a new experience for me.

Daniel finished his projects and is completing some misc. projects around the hangar this morning. We'll find out whether we are accepted to continue on with NTMA this afternoon, if not we could still work with New Tribes, just in a different capacity. The Lord knows what He has in store for us! I will work on posting those promised pics and an update later today.

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