Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Making Do in the Kitchen: Part 2

Some of the ways we save time and $$ in our kitchen has to do with not running to the store for last minute forgotten items. Once in awhile when company is coming and I absolutely need something very specific I still make the last minute made dash, but other than that we don't do those last minute trips anymore.

We accomplish this a number of ways, but the method to our (my) madness is by creatively substitutely ingredients! Below is a picture of my awesome hubby, who is currently a (short-term) SAHD aka "dirty diaper changin' dude";) as he illustrates this point with a recent foray into multi-grain bread making.

I was so impressed by his ingenuity that I had to share! He needed some whole grains (wheat berries or something like that) for one of the ingredients along with cornmeal. He decided to throw some uncooked barley in a coffee grinder in place of the grain he was missing and he used some cornbread mix instead of the missing cornmeal. Since the cornbread mix had salt and baking powder already in it he made some adjustments to the recipe he was following. It wasn't the fluffiest bread we'd ever eaten, but it was good!

Another thing we do is related to pizza toppings thanks to Crystal at Biblical Womanhood. I will share more making do tips on that subject next week.


CC said...

Yep. That's me exactly! Unless it is something for a guest and I need a really special ingredient, improve it is!!

Mom2fur said...

Smart guy!
I often seem to be 'an ingredient short' for recipes, but so often you can do just as your husband did--find something you already have as a substitute. It may not be exactly like the original, but most of the time, it's still really good!

Mimi said...

There's nothing better than a man that can cook. Lucky girl!