Thursday, May 1, 2008

NTMA Evaluation Week Update

Hello from (still) sunny Arizona! We experienced our first major wind storm yesterday and the mobile home we are staying in was rockin'! I thought we were about to be blown away a la Wizard of Oz several times!!

But I still am loving the sun and clear skies here. Today is an exciting day for all of us. Baby M and I are going to coffee and to some little shops in a nearby town with the other "evaluee wife" and a sweet missionary lady here (who spent a significant amount of time in Papua New Guinea during their overseas career) in a little bit, and Daniel is done with his major projects as of today. He still has "shop time" where he will work on misc. projects with the mechanics here, and we will do our last interview this afternoon (besides the final interview which will tell us their thoughts on our candidacy with New Tribes...or not;).

Pictures of the hangar and some others to come later today or tomorrow!

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