Thursday, May 29, 2008

Battle of the...Muffin? (part 4)

Linked by the always funny Mrs. Fussypants, is Karla, the coolest muffin-fighta in town. If you want to laugh and see my partner in fighting the post-baby flab, visit her here.

So I guess I better weigh in on my fight with the flab (on the frugal) now, huh? I think I failed to mention my worst enemy with the battle of the bulge somehow. Portion control is my arch-enemy in this fight. For some reason I have this notion that I need to eat ginormous portions of pretty much every meal to feel satisfied. I could exercise like a maniac, or I could eat a few spoonfuls less each meal...which would be easier? Hmmm, no contest. But eating a dainty little portion instead of bucketfulls o'food is always harder than I think it will be:)

Since this is supposed to be a post with something helpful in it, here are some things that work for me in controlling my propensity to bucketfull all-you-can-eat style noshing. First I like to satisfy my urge for large portions by eating a largish salad or a bunch of veggie sticks before the main meal. Then, I try to use a smaller plate at the main meal whenever possible. And since it is sometimes all about how my tummy feels with regards to volume, I will drink lots of water with a slice of lemon or lime in in. It keeps me hydrated, my tummy feeling full, and doesn't get boring as quickly as plain water. I also love me some icecream. Probably my #1 vice. I have gotten a couple Ben & Jerry's single serving icecreams over the past month (w/a coupon of course!) and that was perfect because I could eat the whole thing myself with reckless abandon, but it was still minimally damaging in my quest to fight the "mommy muffin".

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