Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Safeway NW Deals for May 7th-13th, 2008

Safeway NW Deals for May 7th-13th, 2008

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Good deals (no coupons needed)

Rancher's Reserve Beef Ribeye Steak($4.99/lb)

Safeway Skinless Boneless Chicken Breast or Thighs ($1.99/lb)

Pineapple $2.99/each

Fresh Broccoli($0.99/lb)

Pepsi 24 Packs 2/$11

Coupon Deals

Dove Chocolates 2/$6
Use this coupon for BOGO free
Final Price $1.50 each!

Betty Crocker Cookie Pouches $1.00 each
Use $0.50/1 coupon (from?...exp. May 10th...thanks Angela!)
Final Price $0.50 (and I believe these are a part of one of the promos?)

Check back for more after 10am pacific time!

Flicks for Free Promo: Buy $40 worth of participating products to get 2 free movie tickets, to a movie of your choice.
Check for a list of participating products here:

Score for the Team Promo: This one I have actually done. Buy 4 participating products (see store or ad for list) and receive $5 of your next order. I bought 4 3lb apple bags for $10 total and got the $5 catalina. I used it on the next deal, which can be combined with this one (Score for the Team lasts until 5/13). This is a "rollable" deal, which means you can use your "on your next order" $5 off coupon to do the deal again and again.

Hallmark buy 3 card deal: This deal can be awesome on multiple levels. I did it with some success yesterday, but did not find all of the coupons mentioned at Hot Coupon World. Right now several promos can be combined: buy 3 get 1 free Hallmark cards (some are as cheap as $0.99), plus buy 3 cards get a free 12 pack of coke/dasani water, plus I noticed this week's ad had a buy 3 Hallmark cards get a free votive candle holder set! These can be combined with the above Score for the Team Promo for the rest of the ad week when you buy them in groups of 12. For example, buy 12 $0.99 Hallmark cards(for under $10 after the Buy 3/get 1 free), get 4 packs of dasani 12 packs for free, plus get 4 votive sets for free (with 4 coupons if they will take them!) and then get a $5 off your next order (because dasani is a participating product in the Score one for the team promo. Just make sure you give them your coupons at the end of the transaction. If you can find them, there are reportedly some gihradelli chocolate coupons out there (free!) when you buy 3 Hallmark cards. I was unable to locate these, but got the free dasani, cheap cards and the $5 off your next order. If you need cards (who doesn't?) this can be a great deal!

Any other good deals out there that you see?


Angela said...

More great deals are the betty crocker cookie packs are onsale for 1.00, if you have any of the coupons for .50 cents off you can get them for 50 cents. The coupons were from a sunday paper insert and expire on May 10th.

Also Totinos pizza are $1.00 each as well.

Rachael said...

Good deals...thanks Angela! I will add the BC deal now.

SH said...

This may only be an east coast deal, but our Safeway has Domino sugar $1.99/5 lb. Plus a $0.45 coupon and it's the cheapest I've seen sugar in a LONG time!