Monday, November 17, 2008

Anniversary visit to Eastern WA

My parents were kind enough to babysit M while we stole away to Leavenworth (a little bavarian town in Eastern Washington) for our 4 year anniversary getaway. So much fun! We had dinner at an Asian restaurant called the Dragonfly, which was awesome, but not so popular. We were the only ones in the place at 5:30pm on a Friday night for 15 or so minutes:) They do the organic, local, sustainable business so it was pricey, but very tasty. We are huge party animals so we stayed up til 11:00 (whooo...3 hours past bedtime!) watching "what not to wear". I know, don't be jealous. We don't have a tv for many reasons, so tv watching is a big treat for us. Like I said, party animals:) Anyway, here are pics of the rest of the weekend. None of our big overnight getaway since our camera is going..going...gone (but did I mention we're getting one on Black Friday...yeehaw!

Gramie and M doing bathtime

Yep, a little spoiled with a brand new vintage kitchen all her own.

Lovin' the swingin'

Uncle Jon and M at the church cafe in Ellensburg, where Jon is estudiante extraordinaire

Our happy little family of (soon to be) 4:)


D said...

How's your tummy comin'? If I spread out my already prego stretched skin, I can feel the bump! :-) TMI, I know, but you know how I feel I am sure! ;-)

Rachael said...

Since I'm tall and have the most chub around my middle (my worst area!) I can't see a belly, but that area is definitely expanding! Are you finding out the gender soon (or at all?)? We will probably the end of December. So exciting! We are doing a hospital birth after all btw, in Seattle at Group Health (with a midwife). I think that's the best for now.

Mitchell Family said...

We will be coming to visit my folks probably around the weekend, but will be there for a week. Are you guys going to be around? It would be great to visit with other missionaries. :) :) :)

Um, totally jealous of the vintage kitchen, and love the pic of Jon. You guys do party hard, but I must tell you that bed time gets later the more kids you have (at least in my experience!). Ha!