Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Albertson's Hobby: Part 2 & 3

My first trip to Albertson's this week is here.

My second and third transactions (in one trip...I actually had the car so I went for broke!)are pictured below. I spent right at $15 (total for both transactions)out of pocket after sales and coupons and got back $15 in catalinas. So now that the catalinas are "rolling" I am basically getting things for free or close to it every time (if I have coupons for most items.)

I was happy about these transactions because I got a lot of really useful things such as green giant veggies (2 big bags and 7 or so small boxes) which will last us through a good part of the month. The soup is great for snacks for me...filling and relatively low-cal for a pregnant girl who doesn't need extra pounds:) I am planning another transaction or two today, and that will probably do me in. I'll have our meal plan for the month up in the next few days incorporating our goodies from Albertson's as well if you're interested:)


Erin said...

I wish this sale would never end! Great buys.

And, don't worry about extra weight right now!!! You are pregnant for heavens sake. The baby LOVES dessert, I know she(?) does!

Christy said...

You did great at Albertson's!