Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Homemaking Routine, Chicken Nuggets and Silly Girl

I try and try and TRY to get a routine to somehow materialize in my life and yet the routine fairy never visits! Well, at my own desire (and frustration!) and Daniel's desire for me to be organized I finally wrote down a cleaning routine for my week. I pretty much get these same things done without a routine, but it always seems I am a little behind, stressed, and playing catch-up. So we are into day two of this new weekly schedule and so far I am enjoying it! Just like meal planning, it offers a sense of calm to know what I need to do and exactly when to do it!

Mondays: Vacuum and Sweep entire apartment, clean bathroom

Tuesdays: Laundry including diapers, towels
clean laundry room and microwave as needed

Wednesdays:Sweep downstairs, clutter pick up and look for give-away items

Thursdays: Quick clean of bathroom and upstairs, clean window sils and dust

Fridays: Laundry including diapers and bed sheets, crib sheets, sweep house,

Weekends: Plan menus for the week, laundry and clutter as needed.

~every day I will do cooking and kitchen clean up of course~

And just for fun, here at A Year of Crockpotting is the chicken nugget recipe I am cooking for dinner tonight! I threw in acorn squash chunks on top and will be serving with a side of mashed potatoes and glazed apples.

M is at such a fun age (13 months). This past couple months have been such a blessing as a mom--she plays independently a lot and is more affectionate and fun. I hate to admit it, but I do have free time at this stage of life! I think I will be in for a wake-up call when baby #2 arrives!

Yep, those are ~ahem~ my shorts on her head:) She is going through a put dirty laundry on her head phase:)


CC said...

Oh boy.....

Love your schedule. I have one too, the problem is that I can't stick with it!!

Erin said...

Your daughter never fails to make me laugh!! If I lived on that side of the water I would just have to meet her. I bet she will be helpful when you have your next baby, and she will be at potty training age, a big bonus.

I have always thought about keeping a 'home' schedule and even wrote one out when my little one was very young, but it was way too early to stick to anything then. Maybe I will try now... I am feeling inspired.

Anyway, the double printing coupon thing really made me feel like I stuck my foot in my mouth, but, the excitement that I can now print 2 times what I did really outweighs that!! Yippee for us!