Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bargain Meal for 2/11/09: Safeway NW


Each week at $5 Dinners there will be a huge gathering of bargain meals using ingredients at one particular store. Lots of stores are represented! I will be one of those covering Safeway!

For this first week of Bargain Meals using Safeway NW sale items, I thought I would do one simple (and not-so-healthy) meal and one that's a little healthier and more time consuming! Click on the menu items for a few recipe ideas.

Menu #1

Roasted Pork Tenderloin
Artisan Bread
Baked Apples

Shopping List/Prices
Hormel Pork Tenderloin ($4.99 with super coupon) Use 1/2 for dinner $2.50
Asparagus ($1.28/lb) Use 1 lb $1.28
Safeway Select Artisan Filone Bread $0.99
4 Organic Fugi Apples
Total $5.55

Menu #2

Cheese Nachos
Baby Carrots/Dressing
Safeway Brand Soda

Shopping List/Prices
Mission Tortilla Chips (super coupon in ad) $0.99
Safeway Soda (super coupon in ad) $0.49
Baby Carrots (on sale for $1.99/2lbs) use 1 lb $0.99
Bernstein's salad dressing $2.99 (use 1/8 bottle or less $0.38
Lucerne Shredded Cheese (2 lbs $4.99) use 1/2 lb for $2.50
Total: $5.35


Heather said...

what a cool idea to do this, we can all use a few cheap dinners.


Rebecca said...

I like the idea!

Your second meal is cheaper than you think! 1/2 lb of cheese is only $1.25 if 2 lbs is $4.99. You might add some beans or salsa.

Rachael said...

Thanks Heather and Rebecca! Good catch on the cheese we could either make them extra cheesey or like you said add some other goodies...yum salsa and beans sound great:)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are doing this! I like in Wa state too and I'm tired of reading about all these deals the ladies in the midwest and south are getting! I do have a question for you regarding Walgreens tho. Are the register rewards something that you get with a walgreens card?