Friday, February 6, 2009

Birthday Fun (and Freebies)

What a fun birthday I've been having! Tonight the un-frugal (but rare treat) part of my birthday will be that Daniel and I are going out! We're hiring a babysitter and he's taking me out somewhere (its a surprise) and refusing to let me use coupons:) Too funny.

But I've been taking advantage of all the birthday fun to be had for little or no cost this week. Earlier this week we went to Coldstone and got my birthday icecream (we also had a punchcard from earlier coupon/giftcard purchases which we used to get Daniel a free icecream too!). Last night we picked up a free birthday dvd rental from Hollywood Video and in the next week or two we'll use the free birthday burger from Red Robin.

For a complete list of birthday freebies, check out Freebies for Mom here.

I had a few unexpected birthday suprises too...

I won a drawing for goodies from Erin's Etsy shop Sweet Sydney Bean


My grandma's birthday check bought me this Bella Band that I had been coveting for so so long!

And although this has nothing to do with my birthday, what fun is a post without pictures! Here is M and her little reading "nook" on our stairs...complete with her huge bear and her favorite blankie.

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