Friday, February 13, 2009

Playground with Punker

Inspired by Erin, I hauled M and my cabin-fevered, still suffering from a cold self to the playground today. Apparently I was slightly delusional. I thought that I could bring some envelopes to address while watching her casually from a park bench. What a dork I am...she's only 16 months old and the playground is made for "big" kids!

So instead of leisurely watching from a park bench, I chased her all over the playground and made sure she didn't join in the basketball game with the local home-boys nearby. She was WAY more interested in playing with them than the playground. It was still fun to get fresh air and to let her explore. Notice the nasty duck poo on her shoes below.

Not too fun parts: wiping duck poo off her hands (and keeping her from eating it!), hacking in the cold air and heaving M over my large belly on the slide and then misjudging how far it was to sit down. I think I probably jarred my unborn girlie pretty well!

Checking out the bball game...

Down the slide

Running to play with our neighborhood thugs...again (and mommy chasing)

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Erin said...

Oh you poor dear! I bet at least she will sleep good tonight!