Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Grocery Shopping Trip Week of 2/15/09

I shopped at Rite Aid, Walgreen's and Fred Meyer this week. My grand total for everything was a little over $20 out of pocket. I needed more in the way of drugstore purchases than groceries, but was able to get those and a bunch of freebies with Rite Aid's $5/$20 coupon and the rebate gift card I recieved!

Groceries at Fred Meyer: $15

Whole Wheat Flour
2 bags frozen peas
2 jars raspberry jam (use FM coupon for $1.25 each)
6 gala apples
whole wheat bread (day old...$0.79)

Side Note: we have a well stocked pantry and freezer-so no this is not all we'll be eating this week! If you want to see our menu for the week, its here!

Rite Aid (total $4.xx)

Reese's Whipps (free)
Nivea lip Care (free after SCR)
Bayer asprin (will be money maker of $7 after rebates)
Energy Smart Lightbulbs ($1.50 after coupons/rebates...we needed these!)
Cinnamon, Dried Onions (sale 2/$1)
Dish Soap (needed this ...sale $.99)
Puffs ($0.74 after coupon/sale) need these for my nasty cold

Walgreens ($0 oop, but used giftcard and RR)

Free After Rebate Items:
Garnier Hair Styler
ThermaCare Heat Wrap
Zucol Cold Care (am using this now!)
Revlon Touch Up (used this yesterday:) on clearance for $1.79, used $1 off EasySaver Coupon
Perfect 10 Hair Color $5.69 on clearance, will send in for $5 rebate!

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Libby said...

Great shopping. I have to last at your previous post of your little girl sweeping. My little boy just spent a half hour sweeping yesterday too! He had to keep walking to the garbage to dump in the dirt. Then he got a rag and crawled aroung "mopping" the floor! Got to love those little helpers!

Blessings your way,

Ruth Saves $ said...

Great job this week. Got to love rebates!

Janet said...

Great shopping. Hope you're feeling better.