Friday, April 24, 2009

A Craigslist Sale and a Doula...finally!

I finally sold something on Craiglist! We've bought enough stuff off there...its about time! Last week I got rid of something and today I sold some old maternity clothes for $5. Not a ton of money, but I cleared out some space and I am happy with the person they went home with...she seemed like she really needed them and didn't have much money. Happy deal for both of us:)

Last night I found a doula! I've been looking for one for a couple weeks who would work for a lower cost (someone in training, etc.) and who was available in my time frame. I finally found a young lady that fit the bill! She was easy to talk to on the phone and already has given me some helpful things to try to make pregnancy and delivery go smoother! So happy:)


Monica said...

I live in Longview, Wa and we plan to have a baby in the next year, we'd like to use a doula also, is your's anywhere close to Longview, WA?

Velvet Sweatpants said...

Great news on the doula and here's to a happy, healthy VBAC!