Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Loves me some bargains 4/25/09

I have a confession to make-I haven't taken pictures of all my shopping this past week or two, nor have I been strict about staying w/in our budget! I have focused on stocking up our cupboards/freezer for my impending "no leaving the house" strike when baby gets closer to coming and haven't worried as much about the budget. That said, my extra trips to do the Safeway Living Well promo and to take advantage of Albertson's double coupons have resulted in smaller budget dents that I might have made otherwise!

Okay, so last week's shopping: Albertson's, Safeway and Fred Meyer.

Best Deals: powerbars for $0.68/each (for labor bag for hubby!) 10 lbs of oranges for $3.99, 3 12 packs of pepsi, 2 bags of tostitoes for a total of $4, refried beans $1 for 4 after $3 catalina (good on next purchase). At Fred Meyer I got some basics: frozen veggies $0.79 each 1 lb bag, lettuce, tomatoes and carrots which were all good prices. Total for these stores-about $25 (but doesn't include later trips I took).

Walgreens: I rolled RR's and used a giftcard for all this so I spent less than $1 out of pocket and got back almost as many RR's! I will get back about $8 in rebates on my gift card (spent over $13). It was a good trip for no coupons and no planning!

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Claudia's Irish Eyes said...

You did great! I know what you mean about the not leaving the house. Good luck with the baby!