Monday, April 20, 2009

Loves me some bargains 4/18/09

Last week I went to Albertson's, Walgreens, Rite Aid and Fred Meyer. This is when coupon shopping really gets fun. I spent less than 5 bucks on all this cool/useful stuff from Rite Aid & Walgreens.

Albertson's had a sale where you spend $25 on certain products and then you get $10 toward free meat. I used some coupons to bring the total down to $15 for the participating items and then I bought cheese and pineapple that were on sale. The pineapple wasn't a great deal now that I think about it, but it was good. Total spent: about $20

At Fred Meyer I purchased mostly baking products-flour (and more flour) and oil. Vegetable oil isn't my first choice, but for baking I occasionally don't mind using it. Same goes for white flour, but veg. oil and white flour were 4/$5 last week, so I stocked up. Whole wheat flour was 25% off, so I took advantage of that too. I finally used my raincheck for cottonelle tp @ $ with coupons it was a little over $0.50 for 4 rolls. My total there was almost $20.

What deals did you snag this week? Visit Grocery Cart Challenge and Money Saving Mom for more!


Anonymous said...

Could you tell me where/how you got such a deal on huggies?

Rachael said...

Hi Shari, in combination with a $3 online coupon and a rebate ($3 I believe) for each package I also used a $5/$25 coupon that Rite Aid has. I believe there are still some floating out there. I used a gift card for $10 from my previous months rebate as well. But even without that using the $3 rebate and $3 coupon it still would be a great deal (less than $7 per pack I believe).