Monday, April 6, 2009

Not all was bad last week...

Last week was generally hard. M was getting over a sickness and I wasn't sure if that caused her almost constant tantrums or if it was a new unwelcome phase. By Saturday though, she was back to something close to "normal". Whatever that is:) But here are some highlights from our week that I meant to post last week.

M's new stool from her WA gramie--its allowed her a new view on life. She can now look out the front window by herself and see the garbage truck pass by, neighborhood kitties, and wave to our neighbors. Too much fun!

Getting all animated about an ABC book!

Split Pea Soup in the crockpot. I altered our meal plan when the leftover ham from my parents' early Easter meal wasn't enough for a second go round, but the ham bone made for a delicous, healthy and easy meal.

My red raspberry leaf tea! The taste is suprisingly pleasant even in the loose leaf form so I am drinking several cups a day now. Hoping for a happy VBAC in another month and a half!

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