Friday, April 24, 2009

Persistance pays off

Walgreens and I have a love/hate relationship. Today was no exception. I dropped of my ink cartridge earlier this week to take advantage of the rebate this month, and lo and behold was a 50% off coupon at the counter. I used that and was told I could pick it up tomorrow night (Earth Day.) So I came back with my 15% off coupon ready to get a really amazing deal on my ink cartridge on Wed., but they said it wasn't back yet. I said fine, and that I would come back on Thurs. or Friday. They said there was no way it wouldn't be back by then.

Today, I came it, and no sign of the cartridge. Anywhere. It was lost. The manager finally came out and he tried to find it making numerous phone calls and looking again. Nothing. Finally they offer to give me a new cartridge for the price of the refill. I explained that I had used the 50% off coupon. At first he said they couldn't do that and looked around some more. Finally he came back and said they could do it for 50% off ($5). I explained the full situation and that I was going to submit if for a rebate and get the earth day discount etc. He said that they couldn't do that. I thought quickly and came up with a compromise (thinking quickly isn't my strong point normally--especially under stress!) and asked if I could get a discount on my NEXT ink refill in addition to the $5 price on a new cartridge. I figured that would be about the same as the rebate had been (worth about $5). He said that yes, he could do that. The whole time I waited patiently and was nice and I think it paid off. The cartridge is brand that works out well for me:)

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Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

That is the worse thing about penny pinching---when things don't go as expected and you must think on your feet.

Good for you! Glad it all worked out in the end!


The Keevy Family said...

Oh! I feel for you! And did they not see that they were causing stress to a very pregnant lady?? I may of not been so nice at your stage of pregnancy, but good for you!
I think it's a good reminder that we need to be direct but kind and of course use our manners. :)
I am confused on why they had to send out your cartridge. I waited 5 minutes for mine while they filled it right there, and then went home and submitted for the rebate.
This is totally off subject, but I wanted to make sure that you saw the FREE after coupon deal on Wishbone dressing for Safeway's deals this week. I am not sure which insert they were from, but I have a $1 off 1 and a 75 cent off one, so I plan to pick up 2 dressings for 25 cents! There was also a printable barilla sauce $1 off 2 awhile back if you printed it, I can't find it now. That would make the Barilla deal very sweet!
Anyway, sorry for the long comment! :)

Rachael said...

Thanks Niki:)

Jane, our Walgreens sends their cartridges out to get refilled in a neighboring city. I know many of them refill onsite. Thanks for the tips about Wishbone and Barilla! I have been less than stellar about keeping up with deals lately since I am so tired, so I can use all the help I can get...great find!