Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday To-Do list madness!

Like I mentioned earlier, we are in an unusually busy time in our life. Hopefully it will only last a couple months at this pace, but we'll see. I am a fly-by-the-seat kind of a girl, but I have got to stay somewhat organized right now! So to help me make that end, I will be sharing packing/moving/cleaning progress & projects along with to-do lists.

Thanks to friends helping pack and driving us to an apt., (Marie and Gloria!) things haven't been as crazy as they could have been!

So our progress at our apt. is that we've packed several boxes, but need to get busy collecting boxes and packing at least 5 more this week.

Today I need to:

1. wash diapers and one load colored laundry(done, but not put away)
2. bake raisin bran muffins and cheerio breakfast cookies (done...yum!)
3. wash dishes & clean kitchen (done once, but now messy again -see above:)
4. sweep downstairs (done)
5 mail book for Paperback swap
6. menu plan (done!!)
7. declutter downstairs (almost done)
8. finish clipping coupons and put away (working on this one:)

Finish whatever I didn't today!
1. vacuum stairs and bedrooms
2. scrub bathtub
3 take Daniel to work so I can collect boxes for moving
4. post at least two items to craigslist/freecycle

Oh and I should probably take a shower today too:)


Family Hope Ministries said...

I have some smaller book size boxes for you. I will bring them by tomorrow when we come over. IF that is still ok... :)

Rachael said...

Yes please! What time? We could do books then...and I can get the boxes on Wednesday instead. Thanks marie!

The Keevy Family said...

Wow! You are a busy girl. Hang in there! Maybe this will help pass the time in the last few months of your pregnancy. I hope you do get enough rest though!