Monday, May 11, 2009

Loves me some bargains 5/10/09

Finally finally finally I am caught up with posting pictures of shopping trips. Here is one that is actually current...yay! So the deals I got, are still in effect which I think is more helpful to see:)

I only shopped Albertson's and Walgreens this week with a trip to Safeway to get lettuce and icecream while my parents were here. My total spent for all stores was $33, $4 of that being the expensive dumb iceberg lettuce I needed at the last minute! Reinforces why I menu plan in the first last minute trips for things that aren't on sale!

Some of my trips are all about getting the bargains, or all about getting things I am out of. This trip was a nice mix of both with some really great deals using store coupons, doubles and sales. We could've done with out the watermelon, but it was a 38 1/2 week pregnant splurge. It sounds so good....

So I spent $27 at Albertson's and got a ton of ground turkey, 4 lbs of cheese$2/lb) a watermelon ($3.50), 10 bottles of BBQ sauce (free plus $3 back!), 5lbs apples ($2.99), a cucumber, whole wheat flour, 4 boxes whole wheat ritz crackers($1.88 each), and 2 packages of hot dogs ($0.29 after doubles!).

Walgreens was paid for with RR and gift card $$ so $0 oop. I got the root moisturizer, fish oil capsules and some clearanced decaff green tea. I got $14 in RR back too!

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The Keevy Family said...

You did great! I love that you post your shopping trips each week. By the time I get home I just want to get it all put away and be done! It helps me to see what others are doing though. I stocked up on the BBQ sauce as well and got the $3 back.
I hope you enjoy that watermelon!