Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday To-Do list for 5/11/09

Recovering from a busy weekend is something I dread a little bit. The house is particularly disaster-ful today, so my to-do list is going to be a little out of control. Is it bad for me to hope to go into labor so I don't have to finish my list?!;)

And before the list, here are some pictures from this weekend (from my camera--more to come from gramie and grampie's camera later).

New (to her) dolly stroller from garage sale. Absolute favorite toy right now.

M decided Daddy needed a baby to sleep with him--and he really did fall asleep. He's been working SO hard on the house (and everything) lately.

Sharing her first homemade popsicle (o.j. and yogurt) with dolly.

1) Dishes and kitchen clean up (once this morning, once in early evening when I make dinner)

2) Put bread fixings into bread machine

3) Sweep downstairs and spot mop the nasties on the vinyl/pergo

4) 2 loads laundry and put away existing laundry (1 needs to be bed sheets)

5) clutter patrol (downstairs only...upstairs must wait)

6) put new family picture and unedited info on newsletter start for May

7) menu plan (done)

8) take a nap...I really need to do this one but its hard when there is no time!!

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Auntie Gin said...

I am so gonna try to make my comment work this time! So cute that big sister thought Daddy needed a baby on his chest. Now he will have the real thing to sleep with him. M might not think that is such a good idea! Well, congrats to all of you, I know you are all working hard. Keep that Gramie waiting on you so you can rest! Love, Auntie.