Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Snoozing in a swing with no batteries:)

We are all still doing well--this would have been such a nice week had it not been that we were also moving this weekend! Put a couple of stressful, time consuming events in the same week and life kind of gets nuts for awhile. Anyway, I will post pictures soon-we've been taking them, just no time to upload. We've switched to disposable plates, diapers and using the dryer to save time but there is still not enough!

So enough venting--we have O's first well baby check today so it will be good to see how she's doing with all that sleeping. She has an odd rash that will need to get checked out-but at birth they said it looked like a newborn rash that would go away on its own. M loves her new sister but is needing more time to adjust. She has been more tempermental and jealous than usual but I think with us packing and new sister its just a lot for a little person to handle at once.


The Keevy Family said...

Glad to hear that things are still going well. She is so beautiful!!
It sounds like M is having the same kind of reaction our daughter had when our son was born. They are almost 4 years apart though. It faded pretty soon, or I just adjusted--I am not sure! It helped to stay pretty close to home as much as I could, thankfully she wasn't in school yet.
I'll be praying for you this weekend. I have family in town but I don't think I live that far from you. I would offer my help but I'll be entertaining and cooking for a crowd. I'll pray for that to be a smooth transition, that is hard to have all those changes at once!

Lisa said...

She is so adorable. My two girls are 21 months apart which sounds very close to what yours are. Lily did very well in the beginning then when Reagan was around 3 months she went through a couple weeks of being a terror! Thankfully it didn't last too long. Now that Reagan is getting older and more interactive they have alot of fun together and I love watching them play.

Auntie Gin said...

Well, of course she would want to save on batteries! She is your daughter after all. She looks a bit like big sister but darker and chubbier-cheeked. Those eyebrows look like she is a movie star from the forties! Can't wait to see her in person. I know this is super crazy time for you all but you will get through it.