Sunday, May 17, 2009

Menu Plan Monday 5/18/09 (the my feet are sausages I'm almost 40 weeks preggo edition)

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If I thought I couldn't get any more swollen, a 2 hour trip to Lowes Hardware and Garden last night (to look at flooring, bathroom vanities etc., paint and countertops) and a trip to Costco and Albertson's today proved me wrong. A little pin in my right foot would make it explode I think:) Oh well, I am still here with no baby so a menu-plannin' I go!

Breakfasts: Kashi Waffles ($0.29/box at Fred Meyer last week after coupon!), pancakes with strawberries, more Super Power Muffins (because um, they're super...;)

Lunches/Snacks: leftovers, whole wheat Ritz crackers and cheese, raisin bran cookies, green smoothies (spinach, celery, oranges, bananas, flax seed and juice go in mine this week)


M: Steak (almost free with moving coupon we got at our new house), Mashed Potatoes (instant), steamed broccoli, leftover homemade bread

Tue: Fettucini Alfredo(jarred) with Shrimp, green salad, garlic french bread (homemade with my precious)

Wed: this is my DUE DATE! If no baby by now, we're going out to Olive Garden with my "My points" gift card and coupons!

Th: Crockpot Brown Sugar Chicken over Orzo and buttered broccoli

F: Homemade Pizza! and carrots

Sat: I think by this point I will be very non-inspired to cook since my due date will have long past--so Macaroni and cheese with hot dogs and carrots will be in order

Sun: Another uninspired menu...probably Grilled Cheese and tomato soup. Honestly I get depressed thinking I might still be pregnant at this point! I want to hold that baby and get rid of sausage feet!!

What's on your menu this week?


Mrs. Mordecai said...

Hope things go well for you this week! I'm 37 weeks and I'm getting mad about the stretch marks on my legs. Seriously, why? I'm so close.

Anyway, your menu looks great! I'm trying to keep it simple around here too and I'm also trying to make some double recipes to freeze for when the baby comes.

Heather Benza said...

hmm I'm only 32 weeks but feel like I feel the same as you attitude wise--this doesn't bode well for the upcoming weeks for my menus! I'm going to investigate your other commenter--I hope she posts recipes for what she's freezing. I need to get on that too.

Sasha @ Cherished Moments said...

Good luck with shaking the baby out this week... maybe you should plan a curry for one night, if it hasn't arrived by due date?!?

Christy said...

You're almost there...congrats!

Roxanne Pearce Photography said...

Popping over from Naye's blog...hang in there mama! I had my VBAC at 41 weeks + 4 days last summer. Which was induced by my Dr breaking my water...and even though I had a successful, drug free VBAC I wish I would've held out a few more days.
But It was SO. Hard. Waiting that long since my other two came on their own at 36 and 37 weeks. It was like being pregnant an extra month than I was used too!!! My DR was giving me quite a bit of pressure to induce since we were driving 3+ hours and I was about 4cm dialated and the baby was at 0 station lol. My labor did end up being only 4 hours start to finish, so I guess it worked out not having to labor hard in the car for 3 hours. :)
Anyway, just wanted to send some encouragement your way! You're soooooooo close!

Shaina said...

Good luck with getting that baby out! I was so swollen the last time around. I know it's awful, but it will be completely worth it.

Rachael said...

Thanks for the encouragement ladies! So curry might bring on labor, huh?! I will try it! I've heard something about spicy foods and I enjoy them anyway. Its just the heartburn if it doesn't work that I am afraid of! And thanks for the reminder Roxanne, I know it will be worth it if I wait in the end and don't try to many crazy induction things (although group health won't do much in that regard anyway:)

Neighborhood Gossip said...

Good luck with the delivery! Homemade pizza is my favorite menu item!