Saturday, August 29, 2009

Loves me some grocery bargains (August 28th, 2009)

The above picture is my Albertson's doubles trip. I spent just under $9 for the above, doing 2 transactions. Just the hefty bags were free, but everything else was something we use/need and were good deals for us. Doubles start again tomorrow! by the way, the Dreyer's slow churned yogurt blends are good-I had a $2 off coupon and they were on sale for $2.99. Cappucino Chip-good stuff and much lighter than the starbuck's ice cream we also have in the freezer:)

Sprite: $0.87 each wyb 3, used $2 off coupon
Cheeze-Its (whole grain) $1 each after $0.75 off coupon
Hefty bags free after doulbes
slow churned yogurt $0.99
Bare Solo Plates $0.99 after doubles
Dannon Yogurt reduced to $1 for 32 oz.
All Bran $0.99 after $2.00 coupon
Mott's applesauce $0.29 after $1 IP doubled
Rhodes frozen rolls $0.69 after $1 doubled
2 containers Knudsen Cottage cheese marked down to $1 each, $0.50 after $1/2 coupon

Safeway finally has some deals worth looking at this week. See a good round up at Abundant Food Savings. Yes, I used to round them up for you-but two under two has just about messed up the last remaining brain cells I have;) We have plenty of free/cheap cereal around here, but there is one cereal I can never keep in the house because we love it so much-Kashi! Any flavor, we love it. So getting several boxes for under $0.50 a box was great for us. Unfortunately my computer just ate the picture I took (edited: it came back-here it is below!), but I bought 4 boxes of Kashi Honey Sunshine and 1 box of Kashi U cereal for $1.50 total. We also got 10 coffee flavored Dannon Yogurts for $0.10/ea, free Smithfield bacon, and reduced bacon for $1.99. Yes, we are stocked on bacon, and no we don't eat that much bacon all the time! ;)

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