Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The coffee hit the keyboard and POOF!

My absence in cyberspace can be explained by someone spilling a very large iced coffee (homemade of course) onto my keyboard yesterday morning. My typing looked something like this: sldkjfaosiojdf hweorii doihek!

Not so awesome. After help from my techy dad and waiting for Daniel to arrive home from work, we got some Isopropyl alcohol from Walgreens and some QD Electronic Cleaner from Shucks and sprayed the keyboard. After many sad exclamations from Daniel outside, he thought he had REALLY broken it. Later we figured out it was a "hydrolic lock" or something of that nature (from Daniel) and after drying all night and reattaching a few keys we pryed off (not our best idea) it is working again! Whoo!

Here are my tips for the day:
#1: iced coffee and keyboards are not friends. Hot coffee and keyboards are probably not friends either for that matter.
#2: Isopropyl alcohol and electronic cleaner are friends with your keyboard, but may not seem like it at first. Don't start ripping keys off the keyboard until you make sure they've dried.
#3: computer keys are very difficult to reattatch. Don't unattach them unless you have to (see tip #2).

The end.

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Yaya said...

This is pretty funny! And informative! Sorry I missed it when it happened, but glad I happened upon the story at all! :P