Saturday, September 12, 2009

Florida: where the alligators roam...

and the big nasty snakes too. No one told me that there would be alligators that could outrun me out here! But that's beside the point. We made it to Orlando!

We survived eight hours in a plane with an almost-two-year-old and a 3 1/2 month old. The latter-very good girl in the plane. The former-not so much. The last two hours were somewhat awful, with my precious little one thinking of super creative new ways to disobey her parents and annoy other passengers. Any tips for the ride home would be much appreciated!

Anywhoooo....we arrived safely and have enjoyed pretty much every minute of our stay thus far. The apartment we're staying in is very nice and has 2 bedrooms-a treat for us! There is even a tv with my two favorite channels: HGTV and TLC, although I haven't had (nor probably will I for the most part) a chance to actually turn it on yet:)

There are about 30 participants in this Equip sesson @ Wycliffe and we've started getting to know many of them. Two other families are also planning to go to Cameroon, so it will be neat to get to know them better. Everything seems really well organized here. From what we can tell our time will be well spent-a good mix of learning, practicing skills, and getting things done. Getting us off to a good start in our partnership development journey.

We even met a couple on the van ride to the airport who were interested in our ministry and gave us a business card.

Tomorrow we'll be giving our 3 minute testimony in front of everyone, so I better go practice-and get some sleep:)

And no, we haven't actually seen an alligator, but apparently its not rare to see them-or large poisonous snakes here. Awesome.


kgregory said...

wow, watch out!!! had a good weekend with fam. glad to be back, little bro leaves for college,
Gramie will have house to herself for a couple days! what is that like.? happily roasted tomatoes to share with you this winter. miss you love you

darnold23 said...

Hope your stay continues to go well. Do you know where you will eventually be going, or have I missed that somewhere. I hope you aren't having to do much cooking this week and can enjoy your time away. I would love for you to join me back at Crock Pot Wednesday.

Rachael said...

We are planning to go to Cameroon, West Africa:)