Thursday, September 17, 2009

Smiling Children a must for cute pictures.

Pictures. I should have some for you, but we took a look at our semi "professional" pics from the last couple days and M was having bad times and didn't smile! O isn't looking at the camera either so the pics are almost all duds. Bummer. We're going to try again today.

Classes were good again today. We learned about MK (missionary kid) issues and had a class about resillience (sp? too lazy to look up). We've also spent a lot of time practicing sharing our testimonies and sharing about Wycliffe and related stuffs. Public speaking is getting less and less scary.

Today we had about 15 minutes to create a 2 minute talk and then we shared it in front of 15 people. That's not a lot of time, people! Anyway, it went okay and we get to continue to polish and prep so that we can be ready to share anytime.

Which brings me to the fact that all this sharing and preparing is getting us excited to go! The cares of life had swept away some of our passion for missons for a time. Daniel and I were talking this morning about how its sinking in that this is really happening. Its not a distant abstract idea of "someday" anymore. God willing, we WILL be going to Cameroon in the near future!

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Cathy said...

Wow, Cameroon! I must have missed that, I didn't realize you had a region very cool! I'm so excited for you!