Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Many pictures...soon

We've had our picture taken several dozen times since coming to Equip. By tomorrow many should be on the network here so I hope to have some to post here.

We are halfway through the first week! Some people have said that it seems to be going by slowly-long days etc. But we are loving our time here so much that we're sure it will go too fast.

The kiddos are getting worn out by all the fun they are having in the childcare program. We feel blessed that since the beginning the workers have looked forward to seeing our kids because they've been the only ones not crying most mornings. No glory to us as parents though-some wise person once said that if you claim the good behavior then you ought to claim the bad as well (as I remember the horrible plane ride here;)!

When not engaged in classtime or other actvities they have for us here (visiting the translation Discovery Center, sharing our testimonies, etc.) we've been able to immerse ourselves in missions videos, books and have family time. I pretty much couldn't ask for a more awesome way to spend our time. After dinner tonight we saw some new muli-media that is hot off the presses from Wycliffe. We are excited to share the videos with our churches and friends/family when we get back.

Not only that but we have been able to make friends with the other missionaries-to-be (translators, teachers, boarding home workers, administrators, recruiters, other aviation personnel to name a few) and will be hanging out with some of them in the future evenings.

This weekend Daniel's parents will be joining us here for our free weekend-so we're really excited to see them and spend time with them.

Can you tell we're having a good time:)!?

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Glory said...

Hmmmm. Can't work on the house, no need to cook, forced to spend family time. Sounds like a break you guys needed!