Monday, September 14, 2009

Equip and relationships

This trip has been worth our time already-in the people we've met and the renewing of our call and vision for working overseas.

The sharing of experiences and perspectives has been invaluable. One thing Daniel and I have realized is how blessed we are in 2 major ways: how supportive our church and our families are of our going overseas to do mission work.

There are a number of people here with less than supportive or even antagonistic families-mostly single young ladies. Their parents have told them they don't want them to be "beggars"-living off other peoples' money.

Not only that but a number of families and singles have home churches that are less than enthusiastic about missions-not opposing it but just not catching any sort of vision. I am praying these people will be conduits for a future missions vision in their churches and elsewhere.

Specifically today we learned about the Biblical basis for partnership development, which isn't just raising support (prayer & financial). Its about relationships. Its exciting to think that this next chunk of time will be focused on intentional relationship building. That way we will be connected to a team of people who care about us and we care and pray about them -and so that they can share the blessing of being involved in building God's kingdom with us!

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kgregory said...

that is very interesting, what some people go through emotionally without much support, of course I just have a blank place in my brain when subject of you all moving comes up. Survival.
On subject of support relationship stuff. Before I send invites to our church fellowship, Oct. 4, would you be ready for a presentation then, or should I go ahead with my plans???? love you