Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Family Scenes from Equip #1

Family scenes, minus M. Oops. These are from a huge collection that were taken by the leaders of Wycliffe's Equip. I have lots more, so I will look for some more with us in them:) We are back home now and we had a great time. Honestly-were sad to leave, but we missed our home church. Our actual home...now that's another story:) We came back to a lot of work still to be done and no where to put stuff, but we are motivated to get some organization because we are so excited to get to mission field!

Justin is another aviation guy-his daughter got to be great friends with M. Their family will be going to Cameroon too!

1 comment:

kgregory said...

loving it all, we finally have a thumb sucker in the fam.
not loving the Cameroon part so much.