Saturday, April 12, 2008

Can't believe I'm posting pictures of our TP

When visiting with family last weekend someone pointed out the obvious. "Isn't it a little weird to be taking pictures of your groceries etc. and putting that up on the internet?" Well, yeah. But not to us! I know you think its cool, and so do I! So we'll continue to be super savers on Saturday and today you even get to see our TP! Lucky you;

This week wasn't extra-ordinary, but the Friday only $5/$20 coupon from Walgreen's was too much like the highly desired CVS coupons (that we here in the NW only dream about!) to pass up! The TP and dressing were had by combining great sales and coupons from Albies (for a total of a little over $3.00) but the rest of the loot is from Walgreen's. My husband and I each did a transaction so we could enjoy this deal twice. After subtracting the register reward (RR) from the Aveeno deal, all this was under $20. That's not including the rebates I will receive, which will total around $7.

Walgreen's: The first order was mostly baby stuff: Huggies (we use disposables at night and for our babysitter) on sale for $9.00 minus $1.50 coupon, Aveeno products (all baby items-will use these for gifts) were on sale for $4.26 each minus various coupons, and this produced the $10 RR. The Wrigley's gum was $1.19/each, but after 3 coupons (1 BOGO, 7day, and IVC) it was less than $1 for all 4. The baby cereal ended up being sort of a filler, but with coupon the boxes were $1.50 each. They will give our kiddo some variety in her diet in a month or so.

Albertson's: The second order was the Albertson's TP ($1.00/each sale) and I had one printable coupon for $1.00 off/1 and some other coupons ($1.00/3 and $0.55/1) so that was a great deal. The Ken's dressing is on sale for $2.50/each and I had a $2.00/1 coupon.

Walgreen's again, with hubby: My husband said we needed DVD-R's for our new laptop so I suggested we go back to Walgreen's to use the $5/$20 deal again. The DVD-R's happened to be on sale-praise the Lord! So we got those, some Garnier haircolor that ended up being $2 after coupons (Walgreen's and manu), the Diet coke (a treat for our movie night (with free Redbox movie!), the candy bar was a filler because the manager said my total had to be $20 before tax, and the Tums Quickpack is free after rebate. The cranberries are another treat, to put in muffins($3.00). The Aquafresh was on sale for $2.00 and I had a coupon for $1.00 off. This will also be free after rebate.

Visit Money Saving Mom to see other TP pics (you know you want to;)

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Erin Edwards said...

Great finds, I love to see deals in the NW as I live in Washington.
I think your family would understand the postings if they got such great deals as well!!!