Friday, April 4, 2008

Frugal Fridays: Our source for reduced organic products

Our family is a LONG way from the healthy ideal in eating. We have done some things in the past year or so that are moving us along on a path of more nutritious, health conscious living while also watching our grocery budget actually go down. One of those things is related to the topic over at Biblical Womanhood's Frugal Friday today: saving money on organics. My two favorite sources for cheap organic products are a little odd, but they work for us!

First, I have started checking the dairy section of our local Safeway on dairy markdown day. I had no idea until recently that they mark down almost all of their dairy (close to its sell by date) one particulary day of the week. I never shopped on that day before, but have now made it my official "Safeway" day! I have gotten whole gallons of organic milk for under $1.00 (although I would say that isn't happening every week!), specialty type or free range eggs for less than $1.00, and other goodies we would never have been able to afford otherwise.

The second source is our local "scratch and dent" or banana box store, Grocery Outlet. I have found pasta sauce, pasta, juices, crackers, all organic, all for what I would've paid in sale prices for regular versions of the same things (non organic) in other stores.


AllyJo said...

Wow. I never knew that about the dairy. I learn so much from you (and I thought I knew everything). Thanks for the good dairy idea. I'm going to ask my store.

Christie said...

Wow! That's great! Our stores never seem to clearance things any further than about 50%... but I'm still able to get a gallon of organic milk for $1.99, which beats the normal price of regular milk! :)
I got brave and tried cutting my hair this morning!! And.... I'm actually really happy with the results!! (Immediately after the first cut there was, of course, that inevitable reaction of, "oh dear, what have I done!") Once I played around with it for a bit, I was very pleased with it... I may work up a blog post once I get pictures! Thanks for the tip!!!
And I adore your blooper photo... been there, done that SO many times! Your litle girl is precious!!