Thursday, April 24, 2008

Green Smoothie: Day 4

Just thought I would report on my latest greatest green smoothie: spinach, frozen strawberry, frozen banana and 1/2 a stalk of celery (and some water of course). It was good! Seriously, for something that combines foods that I never before would have eaten (much less drank!) together, it was good. I wanted to drink the whole thing. I still wanted some coffee later in the day though, so it hasn't halted the craving train entirely yet;) I do feel like I have more energy though... I am excited to take punker-nootie on a long walk this afternoon (especially if those dark clouds get lost! If I can figure out how to take a decent picture of one, I will show you the tasty goodness that looks like it should NOT be eaten;)

Earlier posts on green smoothies are here and here.

Here is the link to the specific combos (I haven't ever used a recipe...its more like 1/3 greens of some sort (I have only tried celery and spinach so far) and 2/3 fruit (bananas are great because they are so soft and sweet!) for the green smoothies if anyone is interested (via Happy Foody)

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