Saturday, April 19, 2008

In Eastern WA having a cold garage sale!

We are braving the record breaking cold here in E. WA having a garage sale! Man do we ever know how to pick a date to have a sale. We had a good turn out and have gotten rid of a lot of our stuff and my parents excess as well. Not sure how much $$ we made yet, but even if it wasn't much, it would be worth it to have the extra space. Among the random things that did sell...old countertop, a broken chainsaw (and the buyer knew it was broken), a toilet seat, a dusty old lampshade, lots of odd knick-knacks 2 office chairs and hair conditioner. All in all a good day! Pictures to come later. Now I am off to help haul the remains to Goodwill and to list the leftover books on!


Mrs. Byers said...

My parents live in Eastern WA and when I called last night they went on and on about the cold weather! We unexpectedly hit 80 today in central PA...I'm glad your sale was a success anyway! The tried and true yardsalers are just itching to get out and find a good deal, no matter the weather :0) I am going to be out in Eastern WA with the kids for the month of May and am wondering which papers garner the best/most coupons in your opinion??? I wasn't a coupon clipper when I lived in WA and have no idea which papers are good, and don't want to miss out on a whole month of coupons :0) LOL! Thanks for any help!

Rachael said...

Hi Mrs. Byers! My parents subscribe to the Wenatchee World and it seems to have decent coupons. My aunt's Everett Herald had more in it though! I do know that the Kitsap Sun is terrible for coupons, but that's W.WA though;)

kgregory said...

Hey my queen and prince and princess of the cold!.
It has warmed up a little and black clouds finally fading.
Should be nice for kiddie parade.
Am making fresh/from scratch sala.
Inspired by baby shower at Mexican Restaurant today. Off to all! love GramieK

Mrs. Byers said...

Hey Rachel...I finally got back on to check out your coupon/paper suggestions. How funny that we lived in Wenatchee for nearly five years before moving to PA and my brother-in-law is a Kitsap County Sheriff's Deputy. You are talking about all the areas the kids and I will be visiting on weekends for the next month...that is so great! I will be further east in the Yakima Valley area for most of the time. Did you grow up in the Wenatchee area? We miss is so much there.

Rachael said...

Hi Mrs. Beyers! Since I was 13 I grew up in Wenatchee. I hated it when we first got there, but over time I grew to love it in the area! I prefer E. WA to this side, and since I've lived on each side equal amounts of time I think I can decide fairly now;) The two sides of the state sure seem to be like to separate states, don't they? I hope your trip goes well and that the weather is good...we're in sunny Arizona right now and I love it!