Thursday, April 3, 2008

So this is how cool we REALLY are

Here's latest update on how cool we are in my household. We keep forgetting our almost-6-month old daughter's birthdate. So far we've written the wrong date on two pretty important documents, one being a passport application, another being a info sheet about our family that was distributed to the ENTIRE CHURCH. How cool are we?

So this leads into today's badness. MY birthdate is wrong on her birth certificate. And somehow, I think I deserve that.

I felt kind of defensive when the gal at the health dept said this "if its the hospital's mistake, they should fix it. If you wrote your birthdate wrong, you'll have to fix it". I almost said "you have got to be kidding me--you really think I would write my own birthdate wrong?" But from someone who repeatedly writes her one and only child's birthdate wrong, I'm glad I didn't;)

I can't even blame this on pregnant brain or post-partum brain anymore, can I?

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Candace said...

You can blame it on mommy brain- I have it too:))