Sunday, August 31, 2008

Airing our dirty laundry

Not really.

For those of you who know us in real life and need to call us, we have a new phone number! We switched to Vonage and got rid of our Verizon cell #'s. But of course I won't be giving out the new # here. If you know us and have our email, feel free to email us to get the #.

ALSO! We have a blog email address!

I only check it about once a week or so though. If you have our other one, that is a quicker way to contact us:)

We will be hiking in the Olympics (weather permitting...we weren't able to camp so this is the consolation prize;O) so next time you all see me I will be so buff. I wish.

1 comment:

Kevin Davis said...

Love the photo's - good luck with the new camera bit.