Friday, August 22, 2008

Deals, Freebies and Mark-Downs for the Week.

My freebies for this past week are pictured below. Most came in the mail, including the full sized can of formula (now that M is 10 months old we supplement nursing with forumla and lots of solids), a smaller formula sample, two baby mags from a garage sale free box, a book from Paperback (what to expect, but no we aren't expecting yet;), a cheerios sample and some ladies items. The other two books were $0.50 each from the g-sale, and I got them to list on Paperback swap. I would love more book recommendations... I have 3 unused credits!
We like to walk to any garage sales near our apt. on Fridays. I found one and we scored! The lady was very nice and gave us an amazing deal without even asking! All these mega blocks (to go with our last g-sale find of bagged mega blocks) plus these stacking toys and two baby Bible story books were all for $2!!
This was a safeway deal from a few weeks ago. The cheese, yogurt and eggs were dairy markdowns and I had a coupon on the cheese. The corn was 3/$1 and the Sprite was free!! I can't remember my total, but I believe it was about $6, and the cheese was most of that.

I will try to head to Walgreen's to use the sweet 5/$20 purchase coupon, but we are going to hike Mt. Pilchuck tomorrow so we'll have to see if there's time! What deals have you been getting lately?

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Erin said...

Great job on the garage sale!! Now with a baby garage sailing is my new favorite hobby!