Monday, August 4, 2008

Menu Plans for the Week of August 4th, 2008

I apologize for my broken blog this weekend...I guess something with Sitemeter and internet explorer getting in a tift was the problem. For now, I just removed sitemeter. I don't really need to be knowing how many people visit anyway--just morbid curiousity I guess;) Anyway, I spent an inordinate amount (for our budget) on groceries this weekend, and I realized that I spent over $30 on meat and cheese alone! Luckily its enough for the month, so I shouldn't need to spent much on those things in the next few weeks. I had forgotten how much I saved by not buying those last month when we ate a primarily veggie diet. We will still be eating mostly veggie, but the huge ham I bought on major markdown plus some skinless boneless chicken will add some flavor/variety to our meals occasionally.

I will hopefully have pictures up next week, but we finally made homemade whole wheat flour tortillas! Our first couple were super ugly and tiny, but my hubby is awesome and he figured out how to make them thinner and "tortilla-shaped" by the last few, and they tasted so good! It was actually at lot easier than we thought and we had fun making them together.

Breakfasts: Buttermilk Oatmeal Whole Wheat Pancakes, multi-grain hot cereal, toast

Lunches: Leftovers

Snacks: smoothies, homemade granola, carrot sticks and hummus

Monday: Ham and Potato Casserole (I am making the ham in the crockpot and then will be freezing portions of it for the rest of the month)

Tuesday: Split Pea Soup and homemade garlic bread w/salad

Wednesday: Israeli Moroccan Cousous

Thursday: Taco Salad w/ Corn on the Cob

Friday: Whole Wheat Cheese(burger) Pizza Night! (our pretty much every Friday night tradition) with carrot sticks/dip

Saturday: Veggie Pot Pie with Whole Wheat Crust

This is baby girl with a tasty bread crust from the whole wheat bread daddy made;)

Visit Laura at Orgjunkie for more menu plan inspiration!


Fergy said...

sounds yummy!
how did the brown rice turn out before?

AllyJo said...

Hey! I LOVE your new layout. I haven't been around much lately. I've been busy homeschool planning, so I've missed reading your blog. I joined the Grocery Game. Do you do that? You're frugal posts inspired me. I need a change around here in my grocery shopping habits.

God bless.

Rachael said...

Thanks Allyjo! I have not done the grocery game. I didn't use coupons at all until less than a year ago and I was inspired by Crystal at Biblical Womanhood (who know runs Money Saving Mom). My favorite site is Hot Coupon World, but I can only do it when I have time to wade through layers of posts. Anyway, your cornbread and beans dinner idea awhile back has inspired a post that I am going to write soon!

Rachael said...

The brown rice turned out a lot better! I think part of the problem ended up being my pan, but I can't do much about that now;) Thank you for your help Fergy!