Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bean Love: Part 1

Beans can be such a versatile superfood. Packed with protein, fiber and adding to so many meals, beans should be on the menu in just about everyone's kitchen.
We have been eating more and more beans around here lately. It seems that the more we eat the humble legume, the more we like it. This week we tried a new recipe (pictured) from Pioneer Woman: Beans and Cornbread (although my cornbread recipe came from allrecipes). So easy and healthy and like she says so "goooood"!
Beans and Cornbread

Taco Salad

Here are some other articles of note I have run into recently:

Another take on the beloved beans and cornbread meal

Quinoa and Black Beans stuffed peppers

To think that a few years ago I had no idea how to cook beans and ate them rarely (usually refried from a can or at my favorite Mexican restaurant.) We are getting to the point that most of our favorite meals contain beans. Since that is the case, I think it would make sense to start a series on beans! So consider this "part 1" ;)


Cali Angel said...

beans and rice are all you really need in order to survive. Those dishes look delicious! So does the food ;)

Maggie said...

Those peppers look really good!

Daniel and Teresa said...

I'm excited for more bean recipes! I've recently started making Dominican food more frequently, but still look for other ways to use beans.

Anonymous said...

I live in the Pacific Northwest too! My name is Rachel too! Yeah! I love your blog and the whole beans and rice thing is so hard for me-- I love food! I'll be checking back for more ideas! :-)


Rachael said...

After checking to make sure it wouldn't be over the top with my hubby, he agreed to let next week be "bean every night" week! So I am currently planning a menu of things we will enjoy that incorporates beans every single night next week. I am actually really excited and will be posting recipes and pictures most every day.